Olakino Health Trainer

Specially designed for diabetics and pre-diabetics

Olakino Ltd develops a mobile app, that helps pre-diabetics and type-2 diabetics to improve their quality of life, preventing pre-diabetics from developing type-2 Diabetes and helping type-2 Diabetics to live with less or even no medication and forcing their Diabetes into remission.

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According to IDF Diabetes Atlas Tenth edition 2021 in 2021 there were:

  • 537 million diabetics of which 240 million don’t even know that they have Diabetes
  • 541 million pre-diabetics with an increased risk of developing full type-2 Diabetes
  • 6.7 people deaths resulting from Diabetes
  • Costs for Diabetes over 966.000.000.000 dollars a year.


Olakino HT has the following main components

  • Mobile application
  • AppleWatch application
  • Desktop application for computers and tablet computers
  • Cloud computing for health analysis

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Olakino Ltd

Olakino Ltd. is a Helsinki based company, set up to design and develop Olakino HT.

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