Business model

Diabeat® is sold with a subscription model, with a monthly or yearly fee. Monthly fee at this time is estimated to be USD 6. Olakino Ltd is aiming to get at least 10 million users, but is very profitable with only 200.000 users.

The first version of Diabeat, will be a wellness-app, and the 2.0 version will be registered under MDR Type IIa Medical Device in EU and FDA approved Medical device in the US. As it takes 12-14 months to get the approval, the first version is a non-registered wellness app.

Diabeat® helps the users to permanently change their living habits, by acting as a virtual Personal Trainer that knows the persons physical level, limits and desired outcome.

The aim is to prevent millions of untimely deaths and disabilities caused by Diabetes.

The app gives advice and suggestions for exercise, based on AI algorithms and data collected from various smart devices including watches, rings, glucose measuring devices etc.

While Olakino Ltd is a startup, various studies have been carried out for more than a year, and now the company is ready for execution. App development starts now, and the first 1.0 version is scheduled to hit the market early 2023.

Olakino Ltd is now aiming to raise 500.000 EUR that will fund the 1.0 version development and secures the first sales of the app.

Olakino is aiming for an exit in 36 months.