Olakino HT is specially designed for diabetics and pre-diabetics

The app monitors blood sugar levels, HRV (heart rate variability), calorie consumption, activity, blood oxygen levels etc.

Data is collected from different wearable devices, such as AppleWatch, OURA-ring, CGM-devices (continuous glucose monitoring)

Olakino HT has the following main components:

  • Mobile application
  • AppleWatch application
  • Desktop application for computers and tablet computers
  • Cloud computing for health analysis

Mobile application

  • Collects all data and sends it to cloud for analysis
  • Shows results for analysis
  • Gives tailored exercise suggestions
  • Monitors user’s development and gives feedback and alerts for risks of excessive exercise or abnormal heart behavior

Apple Watch application

  • Gives quick view to exercise and blood sugar data

Desktop application

  • Gives detailed view to user’s data and analysis in an easy-to-read format
  • Enables exporting of data to Excel and other applications
  • Has Personal Trainer View for PT to monitor customer’s progress

Cloud computing

  • Handles all analysis by AI algorithms
  • Stores user data in a GDPR compliant way
  • Acts as gateway between user and PT